Moorlands Primary School

Young Author of the Year 2023

A huge well done to Olivia E in Year 6. She has won an award of a £50 voucher for her poem submitted to Young Author of the Year competition!

Olivia's poem, "If I was in charge" was deemed as highly commended by the judges!

                                                          Congratulations Olivia!

Read Olivia's poem below 

What would you think to Olivia being in charge...?!

If l was in charge

If I ran a school just for one day, the children would run amok,

There’d be laughing and playing, all sorts of fun and you’d never look at the clock,

The students would teach, the teachers would groan and then they’d have a gripe,

But we wouldn’t care because we’re having fun, and they’re not the fun type,

There'd be no proper learning and if anyone got bored,

The students would write rude messages on the chalkboard,

Lunchtime would be a banquet - no a feast!

Snack time would be joyous to say the least,


There wouldn't be some drab uniform,

Nor be any sleeping in a lonely dorm,

And if anyone was mean or became a bully,

I'd personally make sure that they clean out the dunny!

The playground would be a fun fair, filled with lots of rides,

With hook a duck and build-a-bear you're bound to win a prize,

The students and teachers would be paid to their likes,

To avoid missing school because of the strikes!


There would be a loving pet in every single room,

Best of all, a pet that no one has to groom!

We would have the best resources, use a computer everyday,

Make pots and vases out of pottery and clay,

The classes would consist, only of your friends,

And when the bell rang, you'd never want the day to end,

The school trips would be to Alton Towers!

And you wouldn't go to sleep until the morning hours,


The school bus would be a five-star limousine,

And the snacks on the journey would be only the finest cuisine,

You'd watch your favourite shows, and write a story about them,

Just imagine, maths would be a gem!

The building would be bigger, than even Hogwarts,

Don't even get me started on our sports!

So, are you thinking about joining my school?

Because if the answer is no, let's agree that you are a fool!

If I ran a school just for one day, the children scream ‘Oh yay, hooray!’