Moorlands Primary School


Your child has brought home 3 different poetry activities which has been a focus of ours this week in school. These can be done over the next 2 weeks.

In addition we have the following tasks:

Task 1

Read a fiction book of your choice and then turn a section of it into a playscript.

Remember a play script needs:

·         A cast list at the start.

·         Is split into scenes.

·         The name of the character speaking at the side.

·         Stage directions in brackets.

·         Could have a narrator.

·         No inverted commas.


Task 2

Create a booklet or fact page about any of our recent topics. For example Sound, The Arctic, Teeth and Digestion, Africa OR a subject of your choice that you have an interest in.

You could research on the internet or use your own knowledge. This could be using the computer or drawing and writing.