Moorlands Primary School

Week 4

·         Watch the videos to learn about amphibians BBC Bitesize and Amphibians on youtube Can you talk about the differences between reptiles and amphibians with an adult? Maybe you could write a list about what they have in common and what is different about them.


·         Can you collate all your learning about the different animal groups together? Make one final booklet/poster about animals. This time use the headings, Mammals, Reptiles, Fish and Amphibians. Make sure to underline the headings with a ruler/straight edge. Underneath each heading, write some facts about the animal group. You could use the suggested points on the home learning hub. It would be nice to include some labelled pictures in your information booklet. This is a big project so take your time and perhaps work on one animal group per day. Remember to always use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. It is helpful for children to say the sentence they are going to write first and break it down into smaller chunks. They can then read their sentence back to check that it makes sense, before moving onto the next sentence. Remember to sound outs words carefully (and independently, if able) but it might be good to copy the key scientific words to check their spelling. You could join your ideas with ‘and’ and ‘because’ and use some interesting adjectives to describe. Please feel free to send your class teacher a photo of your finished project – we’d love to share them!


·         You can finish your learning by watching this video about sorting and classifying animals.  As an extra challenge, you could do your own sorting activity and sort pictures of animals using different criteria e.g. warm blooded or cold blooded, gills or no gills, vertebrates or invertebrates.