Moorlands Primary School

Week 3

Day 1

Number of the week

Can you guess the number of the week?

Number of the week is a two-digit number

Number of the week is less than 30

Number of the week is more than15

Number of the week is double 10 then add 2

Number of the week is one more than 21 and one less than 23

Check below for the answer! 


Can you practise writing number 22?

Can you count 22 objects?

Can you find different ways of making 22 using the part whole model?

Check the answer below. 

Day 2


Can you guess the shape of the week?

·       It is a 3D shape

·       It has 0 corners.

·       It has 0 sides.

·       It has 1 face that runs all the way around.  

Check below for the answer. 


Can you go on a sphere hunt?

Can you make your own sphere?

Day 3

Activities Money:

Discuss with your child what we use money for? If you have any coins/notes at home, please let your child explore the coins and discuss the value of each coin. Can they describe how each coin looks? If not please use the interactive resources found on the school website.

You could play pretend shops with your child encouraging them to pick out the correct coin to pay for different items.

An activity sheet can be found on the school website called: Coin Recognition Sheet or you could have a go on the game below.

Day 4

Activities Money:

Watch the coin song here or try this video that explains each coin.

You could play this coin recognition game.

If you have access to a printer you could play the bingo money game, found on the school website.