Moorlands Primary School

Week 1, 2, 3

At home you can complete a number of activities to support this learning as detailed below. You can also try out the general activity list, see the download at the end of this page as well as the 'Around the World' challenge. 

Our Topic for this term is: Heroes

We are surrounded by so many heroes, some are more obvious than others. At this time, we hope this topic will hopefully bring lots of discussions and recognition of the true meaning of the word ‘Hero’.

Activities can be completed in any form including photos, videos and computer based software. Activities link to all areas of the Curriculum. We intend for this Homework to cover Topic for 3 weeks.

·         Research Heroes on the internet and discuss the different features of a Hero. 

Chat to friends and family, who are their heroes? Why? Create a collage using pictures and facts from the internet, create a presentation or even a family/friends book of favourite heroes.

·         Discuss what makes someone a Hero. Are all heroes the same? Can you prioritise the key features of a hero? Are your ideas the same as someone else? Do the hero's key features change depending on situations?

·         Write a letter to your Hero. What would you say to them? What questions do you have for them? Tell them why you think they are a hero. 

·         Create a Poem about your Hero. It could be acrostic e.g.

Nothing is too much trouble

Understanding everyone’s needs


So gentle, kind and caring

Everyday they work so hard.

Or use to create one.

·         What kind of Hero would you be? Draw a picture, make a collage, use an Ipad app, Powerpoint or just film a video to tell us.

  • Create a piece of Artwork to represent your Hero (real or your own). Sketch, collage using recycled materials, paint, chalk. You could even create a life-size hero by drawing round yourself or other member of your family!

·         Create a ‘timeline’ of Heroes from History. You could have a particular theme e.g. Superheroes, Medical Heroes, Sporting Heroes or you could do a mixture of Heroes.

  • Where does your Hero come from? Locate the area on a Map. Which hemisphere is it? Which continent? Use google earth to travel from Huddersfield to where your hero lives or lived. How would you travel there? What landscape would you pass? 

·         Design a costume for your Hero. Think about the Materials topic we covered in Science. Think about protection and special tools your hero needs. Explain why you have chosen the key parts of this costume. You can use any way of presenting this you wish.

·         Write a story, create a comic strip, make a News Report video to tell a story of how your Hero saved the day, the world, or made changes over time. This could be a REAL or FICTIONAL.

·         Use lego, playdough or Minecraft to create a Hero and describe them. Use the ideas to act out a story you have created. Now turn this into a written story or comic strip.