Moorlands Primary School



Listen to or read Aliens love underpants.


Can you design your own pair of underpants. Talk to your grown-ups about the materials that underpants are made from? Which materials would be the most comfortable?


The Aliens have an Upside-Down-Pant Race. Could you plan another sporting competition for them?

EAD / Literacy

Can you make your own name rocket?

What would you do on the moon?


Can you follow the instructions to make a moon with craters? (Craters on the moon)




Could your grown up take a picture and upload it on Early Essence.


At this time of year we would normally be practising for our Graduation assembly, when we get ready to leave Reception to join Year 1. This is one of the action songs we learn. Perhaps you could have a go learning it and get a grown up to record you singing it.