Moorlands Primary School




Activity 1:

Watch the 2 BBC bitesize clips on:

Now read through the information on the website and answer the following questions:

  1. What is magma?
  2. What is magma called when it reaches the Earth’s crust and comes out?
  3. What causes a volcanic eruption?
  4. Do all volcanoes erupt violently? Give an example for your answer.

Activity 2:

Read through the Volcano Powerpoint.

Fill in the Volcano worksheet. Try to label the different parts of the volcano correctly.

Have a go at the quiz on the last slide of the Powerpoint to see some amazing facts!

PSHE activity

A focus on family and friends. Split task up over three days to match the three activities. Use powerpoint as a guide.

Art Activity

Reading the story Icarus discuss meaning behind the story. Create a piece of art work representing Icarus flying to close to the sun. Children could use sponges or press a paint brush to build up colour.