Moorlands Primary School



Can you look at the life cycle of a bean plant and talk to your child about what they can see and what happens. E.G the seed is planted in soil and watered, It grows roots and a shoot, it grows a stem and leaves, then it grows the green beans. You could watch the time-lapse of the Beanstalk:


Can you use recycled materials to make your own junk model beanstalk?


Can you have a go at labelling a flower or plan? You could go outside and find a flower and video talking about the different parts or use the labelling a flower sheet provided. Can you find the roots, stem, leaves and petals?  


Can you practise reciting the days of the week? Can you tell a grown-up what day is today, yesterday and tomorrow? Can you recognise the days of the week?


This term we will be looking at the artist Andy Goldworth (google him). He makes pictures and art work based on natural resources. Could you have a go at making a picture using natural resources or make a observation drawing of a part of your outdoor environment.