Moorlands Primary School



Draw a map of your street. Add simple features and symbols (think about the OS maps we looked at in Geography) Include a key to explain what your symbols mean.

Use Digimap website

Username – HD33UH

Password – swoffs9050

Explore the website (children have used this in Year 3).


Focus on the area around school.

Can you work out the distance between school and the bandstand in Greenhead Park?

What is the area of John Smith’s Stadium?

Can you spot any of the symbols we have been learning about?


Create an African Savannah scene using your choice of materials. You could draw, collage, paint etc.

Draw the view from your window using sketching skills then add colour with crayon, felt tip or paint.


You have learnt various circuit training exercises this term. Set up your own circuit in the garden or house and train your family members!

You may include mountain climbers, push ups, sit ups, star jumps, burpees etc.

DT/ Food Tech

Help prepare a meal for your family. You could review the meal and give a score out of 10 offering reasons for your decision.