Moorlands Primary School

The Year 1 Team

A member of the Year 1 Team will greet your child at their classroom door and see them out at the end of the day. This also gives you the opportunity to meet members of staff that work with your child, ask how they are doing or address any issues. 

Who are we?

Year 1 is led by Miss Crowther who teaches 1C. She is also part of the whole school team who lead Maths. 

Mrs Hunt teaches Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday in 1CH with Mrs Chapman teaching part of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Hunt is part of the RE team and Mrs Chapman is part of our Senior Leadership Team, leading Maths for the whole school. 

Mrs Jones teaches 1J and is also part of the PHSE team for the whole school.

Mrs Stott teaches in 1C and 1J for half a day each a week. Mrs Stott is part of the team that led French for the whole school. 

Our Educational Teaching Assistants support in class as well as leading additional Intervetions and activities. Our Year 1 Teaching Assistants are Mrs Hoyle and Miss Gallagher (1J), Mrs Pugsley (1CH), Mrs Shore (1C) and Mrs Ashraf

Forest School is also accessed by all children, for one term, over the School Year. This is led by Mrs Turner and Mrs Underwood. Your child will recieve a letter to confirm dates.