Moorlands Primary School

Register of Business Interests

Governor Relevent Business/Personal Interests Any other educational establishments governed Relationships with the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives Date form completed
Gary Laird (Chair) Gary Laird Safety Associates Nil Nil 26/09/19
Rachel Harle (Vice Chair) Nil Nil Nil 06/09/19
Derrie O' Sullivan Own Architecture Practice Nil Nil 26/09/19
Graeme Hind Son - Teacher Brockholes School Nil Daughter - Educational Teaching Assistant 26/09/19
Anna Bartys PWS Technical Services (wife of MD and employee) NCS Support – Sister of Director Nil Nil 29/07/19
Toni Caufield Nil Nil Nil 26/09/19
Becky Freeman Joinery Business - Husband Nil Nil 05/09/19
Gemma Dolan Nil Nil Nil 26/09/19
Giles Church Nil Nil Nil 27/09/18
Amanda Denney Nil Nil Nil 05/09/18
Judith Woodhead Nil Nil Nephew’s partner – Educational Support Assistant 07/10/19