Moorlands Primary School

Power of kindness! Updated

Added 7.5.20

New resources for the following activities suitable for ages 5-19 to support 'Building Resilience and Easing Tensions'. Click this tab:

  • reflect and create messages of kindness
  • learn about resilience
  • learn techniques for defusing household tensions
  • be encouraged to share stories of kindness and help others
  • build empathy
  • develop an adaptable mindset

British Red Cross Kindness and Resilience guided lesson

NB some aspects will be more suitable for older children, please work together with your child for these activities. 

  1. Digital for good – learners can consider how they’re using technology and how it can be used with kindness.
  2. Create a routine – sticking to a routine can help you feel more in control. We provide tips on how to create one and their benefits.
  3. Circles of control – thinking about what you can and can’t control helps you to stay resilient and be kind to yourself. This quick activity helps you reflect on your goals.
  4. Colour and share your kindness – colour in the Red Cross museum poster encouraging people to wash their hands, maintain distance or cover their coughs and sneezes.
  5. Reflection – spend time celebrating your or others’ kindness.