Moorlands Primary School

Physical Development

* Healthy Eating promotion
* Anti-bullying and safeguarding strategies
* Well-being Wednesday and well-being promotion activities
* Extra-curricular sports
* The celebration of sporting achievement including personal fitness and competitive sport
* Cycling training and balanceability
* Activities available for unstructured time, including lunch and break times
* Outdoor education residential trips
* The curricular programme related to food preparation and nutrition
* Advice & guidance to parents on mental health and well-being
* The promotion of walking or cycling to school to reduce road congestion, encourage active travel, improve pupil's health and well-being and improve air quality.

Our School Councillors planting fruit trees in the school grounds to attract bees.
All our Reception children learn to ride a bike through balanceability sessions
Our children take part in Pennine Sports Partnership sporting events, which led to county events.