Moorlands Primary School


This week we are thinking about:

Please use the maths hub resources/sheets this week. These can be found at the end of this section and can be used alongside the other daily activities we have included.

Day 1

Counting to 100

Super movers Counting to 100

Use this interactive 100 square to help you.

Try out the missing number sheet. 

Day 2

Counting to 100

Supermovers-digits and numbers 

Put large amounts of objects toys in a pile. How can you count them quickly? Can you group them into 2’s if it’s a smaller amount, 10’s if it’s a larger amount and then see how many are left over e.g 5 groups of ten and 4 more would make 54 and so on.

Use the Day 2 Maths hub sheet to support.

Day 3

Partitioning numbers

Using the same splat 100 square from day 1, think about these questions:

Deeper challenge:

Try the Maths Hub sheet to support also.

Day 4


Comparing numbers


Compare these numbers, which is smallest / largest. Use the greater than >and less than <symbols to help you. E.g 34 > 12​​​​​​​

22      76

13     54

18    88

10    17

34    33


Can you think of some of your own?

Use the maths hub sheet to support also.

Day 5

Comparing numbers

Think about these questions: