Moorlands Primary School

Lesson 1

                                 Greek Myths

Activity 1

The Ancient Greeks loved to tell stories also known as myths and many are still told all around the world today. We would like you to watch some of the myths to find out how a myth is different from stories you may have read such as fairy tales.

The following link will take you to a website where you can watch mini video clips of different myths. Please make sure you watch the ones that originate from Greece. These include: Medusa, Theseus and the Minatour, Pandora’s box.

This link will take you directly to the myth Medusa. After watching, if you then click on the tab myths and legends at the top, there will then be a link saying myth map. Click on this and you can find Greece which will give you all the myths set in Greece/Greek islands.

If you prefer to read the myths, there are PowerPoints uploaded of some of the most famous ones.


Think about what myths include, can you list them? For example, in a fairy tale there are princesses, a prince, villain, fairies etc

What kind of characters are there in a myth?

Having watched Theseus and the Minatour can you add pictures to the story given on the word document. You could even include some speech bubbles of what the characters may say.