Moorlands Primary School

Coronavirus Info

Updated 29.3.20

During this time people may be feeling many different emotions. Here is some information to support both adults and young people. Please remember, self care is not selfish.

Small Paul-a story of bravery, resilience and knowing things will eventually return to normal

An animation and story book for children to explain Coronavirus with downloadable resources 

Another simple story from Mind Heart. Great for younger children.

A more factual style 'Superhero story' from Elsa (Supporting Social and Emotional Learning)

For adults:

Click below for a 'Crisis Kit' including information and support on dealing with uncontrollable circumstances, resilience and much more. 

Click on our Apps page for further resources. 

Parents/carers advice

Teaching children to understand Coronvirus without fear. Click here.

Young persons advice

information and support for all the family, including Toddlers and Babies