Moorlands Primary School

The Big Dig

Today we were delighted to welcome 1 mum, 1 dad, 1 governor, 2 grandads, 1 grandma and 1 great grandad to help us with our Big Dig!! Our adult volunteers worked really hard for us. Read on to find out what we achieved!


After digging holes for 100 saplings (young trees) which are to be delivered very soon, our fabulous adults moved on to plant 9 assorted apple and pear trees along the banking near the school kitchen. These were very kindly donated by a lady called Diane Lee and their fruit will one day hopefully make delicious school dinner puddings!

Mr O'Sullivan (one of our School Governors) then levelled a slope ready to place 2 more tractor tyres to extend our herb garden, while the other grown ups moved across to weed the raised beds of our ECOgarden and add more compost ready for the new growing season.

What a busy afternoon!! A huge thank you to you superstar grownups who gave up your afternoon to help us on this lovely sunny day!