Moorlands Primary School

Energy Saving Challenges

We have been talking about trying to save energy. The ECOteam are challenging children to think about what they might do at home and school to save even a little electricity and money. Read on for our ideas...

Here are some ideas to try at home, to see if you can save energy and money for your family...

1/ aim for less 'screen time'. You could think as a family about things you might do together instead of TV or computer games, both after school and at weekends!  Who can rise to the challenge of cutting down on screentime...? How long will you last?!

2/ turn down your heating by just one degree, and see how much money you can save as a family to spend on fun things together!

3/ look out for those pesky chargers that stay plugged in even when they arent charging anything! They are still using elecricity and costing you money!

4/ Say Goodbye to Standby... Turn unused machines off at the plug rather than leaving them using electricity on standby when you go to bed.

If your family manage to rise ot one of our challenges, please let us know so we can add it to our website!